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Long Shot takes pride in being the area’s premier gun shop for shooters, hunters, collectors, & protectors! Our unique and extensive inventory of guns of all kinds keeps our customers coming back for more. For our full inventory stop by our gun shop today!

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Kel-Tec CMR30

The Kel-Tec CMR-30 Rifle is chambered for the .22WMR cartridge (22 Magnum). The design is a rifle version of the popular Kel-Tec PMR-30 pistol. The same 30 round magazines are used. The single action trigger mechanism, bolt stop, ambidextrous safety levers, and mag catch are also identical.

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Kel-Tec KSG 12 Gauge

he Kel-Tec Shotgun is pump-action and chambered for 12 gauge. Kel-Tec used its RFB as a template to build the KSG, its first shotgun. The KSG has an interesting design. It has two tubular magazines that hold seven shells a piece, so 14 total, and it ejects spent shells downward instead of to the side. To change mags all the shooter has to do is flip a switch. It is also very compact at 26.1″ in total length and weighs 6.9 pounds.

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Taurus Curve 380 ACP

The Taurus Curve is the world’s first and only curved firearm, engineered to fit the unique contours of your body with no visible printing. An extreme departure from your typical compact .380, you’ll find the Curve takes form and function to an entirely unprecedented level.  It attaches with a built in holster-free belt clip. Exceptionally accurate and extremely lightweight at just 10.2 ounces, the Curve is one ultra-comfortable, ultra-reliable personal defense handgun.

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Browning Hells Canyon Speed .308

To find a trophy buck or bull, you need to be willing to go where other hunters won’t — Hell’s Canyon Speed will take you there. 

  • Hell’s Canyon Speed is on point, using the very latest design technology and independent testing to ensure that the fabrics we’ve developed can endure the rigors hunters put their gear through. 
  • HeroFit tailoring trims away excess weight and bulk, while the abrasion resistant, stretchable fabrics maximize freedom of movement for unmatched durability, mobility, and comfort.
  • Proprietary A-TACS Camo provides superior concealment.
  • Designed as a system, Speed garments are sized to comfortably layer over one another to retain the fit while adding protection from the elements. With Hell’s Canyon Speed you can hunt harder, faster and in greater comfort than ever before.

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Glock 19x

Glock 19x

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